The CSB/SJU Physics and Engineering Options file shows paths for getting physics and engineering majors. It includes recommendations for when to take physics and math classes. It is good place to start for students making their 4 year plans.

Many physics courses have web pages, a list of some of them is maintained on the other CSB/SJU Physics website.

Many of our students are interested in engineering, and stay with us for two, three, or four years before transferring to engineering schools. For more information, please see our Engineering page.

For students interested in astronomy, we also have a separate CSB/SJU Astronomy Department. We do not have an astronomy major, though we do regularly offer two introductory astronomy courses. The Physics Department also offers an elective in astrophysics once every few years. More resources for our astronomy courses are available as well.

Students interested in completing a 9-12 teaching licensure in Physics need to contact the Education Department Chair early in their program and review the requirements for the Secondary Education minor.


The Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science Research Scholars (MapCores) program is a special program for women. In December 2009, the College of Saint Benedict was given a grant by the National Science Foundation which is supporting the MapCores classes that began in 2010.

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