Joint Events Council

The Joint Events Council (JEC) is a student-led programming board that organizes campus-wide events, activities and social programming to unify and strengthen the CSB/SJU community. Our mission is to enhance a vibrant  campus community with engaging, traditional, and diverse social events on both the CSB and SJU campuses. The council strives to create unique, innovative, and meaningful programs and events. The council aspires to increase valuable skills within its members by continuously planning, implementing, and assessing events.


As the programming board, we are committed to:
  • Provide events throughout the academic school year
  • Provide alcohol-free programming as means of allowing all students to feel included and invited
  • Provide events that are at low-cost/no-cost to students.
  • Create innovative programs, establish new traditions and sustain continuing traditions for students.
  • Evaluate student wants and needs in a program or event, and merge these to fit the institutional and JEC mission.
  • Collaborate with clubs, organizations, departments, and other members of the CSB/SJU community.
  • Be fiscally responsible when spending the student activities budget.