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The CSB/SJU Honors Scholars for Community and Collaborative Leadership Program provides an intellectual community for a self-motivated and diverse group of students to take intellectual risks, participate in a challenging, integrative, and interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum, develop their collaborative leadership skills, and apply their learning to projects that contribute to the common good.

Build collaborative leadership skills

Honors students are likely to become leaders in their workplaces, local governments, places of worship and volunteer organizations. This program is designed to help students step into those roles with a strong, values-based skillset. Developed from the Social Change Model of Leadership and using the Benedictine values as their backdrop, the learning goals promote inclusivity, respect for differing viewpoints and the importance of working toward the common good. Because the cohort of students includes individuals with wide-ranging intellectual interests and areas of study, the program provides multiple opportunities for students to learn from and work with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Experience Liberal Arts in action

The world needs critical thinkers, strategists and agents of action. The program’s interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum enables students to test and develop their skills at all three. They’ll begin by asking universal questions about the human condition, uncovering the root causes of diverse societal inequalities and understanding the particular nature of power dynamics. From there, they’ll integrate coursework and leadership skills in collaborative student-driven experiential learning projects that empower them to identify opportunities and challenges, develop proposals and design strategies for change that support the common good of their communities.

Be part of a cohesive learning community

The Honors Scholars offers students the opportunity to be part of a unique learning community of academically motivated peers. Because students move through the program with their cohort, they develop close relationships with scholars from a wide variety of intellectual interests. In their last two years, students work together to develop and implement a community-based project that showcases their collaborative leadership skills. In addition, the student-led Honors Planning and Advisory Council works closely with Honors faculty and directors to organize social and academic events. The result is a cohesive network that both challenges and supports students through their college experience.

Is the program right for you?

The CSB/SJU Honors Scholars is designed for academically high-achieving students who:

  • Have a GPA of 3.85 or higher
  • Enjoy a wide range of intellectual interests
  • Are self-motivated and want to put their theoretical learning into practice
  • Desire personal growth through meaningful reflection
  • Value community and working together toward a shared purpose
  • Are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, challenge assumptions and take collaborative action for the common good
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Dr. Beth Wengler
Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of History
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Dr. Emily Esch
Associate Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of Philosophy
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