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Madeleine Partch
Madeleine Partch ('21)
Saint John's Abbey Arboretum - Student Land Manager

"Seeing the results and understanding the benefits of the work I was doing made going to work really exciting."

Will Matuska
Will Matuska ('21)
Vermont Law School's Institute for Energy and the Environment- Clean Energy Advocacy Intern

"I am really pleased that I used my summer internship to learn more about my career interests, even though it did not necessarily pan out in the energy policy field."

McKenzie Blaine
McKenzie Blaine ('22)
City Sprouts - Virtual Program Assistant

"You will enjoy the work you do and the people you work with much more if you find a place that is aligned with your passions." 

Kyle Busta
Kyle Busta ('19)
TruNorth Solar - Solar Installer

"I learned nearly every aspect of the [solar] installation process and enjoyed every second of it." 

Jacob Ney ('20)
Wolf Ridge ELC - Naturalist, Animal Care Intern
2018 Jackson Fellow

"I really enjoyed getting experience in all three sectors, but handling raptors and taking them on walks outside as a form of enrichment was especially fun."

Alejandra Gallardo ('20)
The Garden School - City Seedlings Intern
2018 Jackson Fellow

"I worked with children ages 5-13 and created activities that encouraged them to be curious about their food and the environmental systems around them."

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