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Vivarium  NOTE: Many of these titles are searchable simultaneously on Vivarium, the campuses' digital repository.



CSB's alumnae publication from 1941-1969. Or view all of CSB's digitized alumnae publications

College Days 

Issued annually in 1914 and 1915, then quarterly or semi-annually from 1920-1926. For current students and alumnae, it contained essays, poetry, news, editorials, and occasional photos of the campus and students. It was continued by Saint Benedict's Quarterly (not available online). Or view all of CSB's digitized alumnae publications.

Community (& Connections)

Community, 1969-1993 and 2000-2009, and Connections, 1993-2000, were print newsletters for the CSB/SJU campuses (initially for SJU only). Print issues are available in the CSB and SJU Archives. In 2010 Community was continued as an electronic-only publication, e-Community [see below].

CSB Catalog 

Selected issues have been digitized thus far. Included are academic catalogs from the 1880s (from St. Benedict's Academy, i.e. high school), 1916, 1946, 1960s, and 1980s. (NOTE: All of the pre-1961 editions are available on the St. Benedict's Monastery's Minnesota Digital Library site .) Beginning in 1967, CSB's and SJU's Catalogs were increasingly issued jointly; the joint issues can be found online with the Saint John's University Catalog. The joint CSB/SJU Catalogs, from 2005 to the present, are also online. 

CSB/Saint Benedict's Today 
(title varies) 

CSB's alumnae publication from 1969 to the present. Or view all of CSB's digitized alumnae publications.

CSB/SJU Student Newspapers

CSB newspapers, 1965 to date, and SJU newspapers, 1888 to date (The Record), can be searched together or separately. Also available is a list of title changes, editors and issue numberings in an inventory of the 1965-1999 newspapers in the CSB Archives.

Table of Contents

Lists the contents of this CSB/SJU student literary and visual arts magazine (published 1980-1999).


An archive of the electronic newsletter for the CSB/SJU campus. Established in January 2010; preceded by Community [see above].

Facula (CSB Yearbook)

CSB's first yearbook was published from 1939-1960. See also the  Sagatagan yearbooks for SJU, which began having some coverage of St. Ben's in the 1960s, and which became a fully joint yearbook in 1977, re-named The Saints. This joint venture ceased publication after the 1995 edition.


CSB's alumnae publication from 1936-1941. Or view all of CSB's digitized alumnae publications.

Tables of Contents

Lists articles published in this annual CSB/SJU faculty journal, 2004-. Its previous title was Symposium. Issues from 2006- are online in Digital Commons.


An illustrated newsletter published from October 1966-June 1971 by CSB's Development Office with campus news and a calendar of upcoming events of interest to those on campus, the local community, and friends of the college.

St. Benedict's Quarterly
Tables of Contents (Partial)

Tables of Contents for the issues in the CSB Archives of the St. Benedict's Quarterly, a literary publication issued four times a year, from 1926-1964. The  Quarterly continued  College Days and was continued by  The Quarry. It included news of the Benedictines, book reviews and students' art work. Members of Scribes and Critics, a literary society, were the consistent but not exclusive contributors. Note: The Saint Benedict's Monastery Archives has additional issues.

Studio One
Tables of Contents

Lists articles published in this annual literary and visual arts magazine, 1976-. Contributions to Studio One are not limited to CSB/SJU community members. Issues 2012 - (v.37) are available in Digital Commons.

Tables of Contents

Lists articles published in this annual CSB/SJU faculty journal, published from 1982-2003. In 2003 the title was changed to Headwaters and the contents were made available online in the Digital Commons.

The Quarry
Table of Contents

Table of Contents for  The Quarry, a literary publication that continued the  St. Benedict's QuarterlyThe Quarry was issued twice each academic year, in the winter and the spring, from 1965-1968.


Facula, CSB's first yearbook, was published from 1939-1960. Beginning in the 1960s, the SJU yearbook, Sagatagan, provided some content about CSB. From 1977-1995 a joint yearbook was published, called The Saints.