November 6: Updated Information Regarding Transportation and Link Bus Schedule

Dear CSB/SJU Students,

This message provides important updates to the COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies message that was sent yesterday, November 5, 2020. 

While many of our students have been abiding by the Commitment to Community expectations, an increasing number of students have been engaging in activities and gathering in larger groups (both on and off campus) where masking and social distancing are not being practiced and far too many students are continuing to go out to bars and private parties, which are incredibly high risk settings. The new mitigation strategies are necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19 on campus by limiting contact among members of the community for the next two weeks. 

Our priority during the next two weeks is supporting the academic experience and student employment. All other activities are intentionally limited through November 19, with the goal and purpose of reducing the spring of the virus on our campuses.

To achieve our goal of slowing the spread of the virus, it is imperative that students remain on their respective campuses except for classes and student employment. Interactions with other students should be limited to those in your residential building and close contact interactions should be limited to roommates.


The following adjustments have been made to the Link transportation schedule to support the class schedule and student employment: 

Monday through Friday

The last bus to leave CSB for SJU will be at 5:30pm

The last bus to leave SJU for CSB will be at 5:45pm


There will be no intercampus bussing on the weekends and no bussing into St. Cloud. The aim is that you remain on your campus of residence, except for classes, work, and health needs.

Special Accommodations

Students in night classes or essential employment will be contacted by their respective employers/faculty/staff members.


What extracurricular activities are suspended?

The only planned events still occurring are Student Masses on Sunday, 4:30PM at CSB at 9PM at SJU. Students are requested to attend Mass on their respective campus. All other extracurricular events and programs are suspended or will take place virtually.

If I have a car can I go to the opposite campus to hang out?

Students should only be on the opposite campus for academic or student employment purposes. There is no visitation outside of one’s own residence hall and campus services (library, bookstore, etc.) will be limited. Remember that our intention here is to stop the spread of COVID-19.

If I have a car, can I go into town or other places off campus?

Cases of COVID-19 in Stearns County have been increasing dramatically. Leaving campus for any reason puts you at risk for exposure and may contribute to unintentional spread.  Therefore, during this two-week mitigation period students are asked to remain on campus as much as possible. 

Please continue to let us know what questions you have. We are here to support you and to get through this together. We know this is challenging and we are grateful for how far we have come this semester. In order to protect our community, we must lower the number of cases. Together, we can do this.

Mary Geller, Vice President for Student Development, College of Saint Benedict
Michael Connolly, Interim Vice President for Student Development, Saint John’s University