October 2: COVID-19 Student Update from the Presidents

Dear CSB and SJU Students,

On September 18, because of the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases on campus, we adopted mitigation measures to address the increased spread of the virus. Students living off-campus were restricted from coming to campus for two weeks and co-curricular and social activities to restricted 10 or fewer. We also implemented additional testing, isolation and quarantines. On September 25, we took the extra steps of ending the weekend LINK bus at 10 pm and restricting visits by students from the counterpart campus after 10 pm. 

In the weeks since, the number of COVID-19 cases on campus have declined. Therefore, today, October 2, we are announcing that the mitigation measures will be lifted.

Off-Campus Students will be allowed to return to campus fully.

Athletics and Intramurals can return to levels of participation that were in place before the recent two-week slow down. 

Programming and Activities may include up to 25 participants when outside and up to 10 participants when inside, if masking and social distancing are practiced for both.

  • The limit of 25 participants will not apply to the CSB and SJU Masses on Sunday.  Masses will follow the guidance of the MN Department of Health and the Diocese of St. Cloud to allow for larger numbers, with masks and social distancing.

The Guest Policy will remain the same – one guest per room per occupant if you can remain socially distanced. However, the guest on either campus can now be an enrolled Johnnie or a Bennie.  No outside guests (those not enrolled at CSB/SJU) will be allowed on campus. 

We were able to lift the restrictions on students because on-campus cases of COVID-19 declined. We will continue to monitor the situation. Should our numbers go up again, we will need to reimplement mitigation efforts and other measures may need to be added. Your hard work these last two weeks shows us you took the situation seriously. 

If you want this to succeed, if you want campus to stay open, it is up to you.  Please be vigilant and follow all health and safety measures for the wellbeing of the entire CSB/SJU community.  Please wear a mask, get your flu shot, wash your hands and socially distance. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Laurie Hamen, CSB Interim President

Eugene McAllister, SJU Interim President