September 18: Community Notice Regarding COVID-19

Dear CSB/SJU Community,

During the past six months, our community has engaged in extensive planning to prepare for this fall semester. As we planned, we knew we would need to be adaptable and to respond quickly to changing circumstances. This ability to adapt is the critical quality that enables our community to continue offering an on-campus experience during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We have had a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases on campus, and therefore, today, we are announcing steps that adapt to the current reality. These measures are responses to data and observations in close collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health.

These steps are intended to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe and to keep our campuses open.

  • There have been several students in Saint Patrick Hall who have tested positive for COVID-19. We are testing all the students who reside in Saint Patrick Hall and adjoining Saint Boniface Hall.
  • Positive cases have increased, and with that, as might be expected, the number of “close contacts” to trace have increased. All co-curricular and social group activities will be limited to 10 students or fewer on both campuses for the next 14 days. If and when individuals gather in a small group of 10 or fewer (masked and socially distant), the best practice is to establish a very small core group and stay within that core group for the next two weeks.
  • A CSB varsity athletics team is being tested and placed in quarantine.
  • Staff have observed a number of students living off campus failing to abide by the masking and social distancing protocols. Because of that, we are requiring all students living off-campus, and not with their families, to refrain from coming physically to campus (including for in-person class and work) for the next two weeks. We recognize this is a broad measure that will affect students who live off-campus and who have been abiding by the rules, but unfortunately, there is no easy way to identify those off-campus students who are placing all at risk. If a student is adversely affected financially by this decision, they may contact the CSB Vice President for Student Development, Mary Geller ([email protected], 320-363-5601), or SJU Interim Vice President for Student Development, Mike Connolly ([email protected], 320-363-2737), for assistance.
  • The Vice Presidents for Student Development will communicate instructions to students affected by these mitigation measures.
  • Academic classes will continue in the in-person/hybrid format as originally scheduled.

Rising case counts call us to be extra vigilant in following all health and safety measures for the wellbeing of the entire CSB/SJU community. For the students, faculty and staff who have been compliant with policies and who are following all mitigation measures, we thank you. For those who are not, this is a warning that the results of your actions place the entire community at risk.  

We will continue to provide regular updates via email. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Laurie Hamen, CSB Interim President

Eugene McAllister, SJU Interim President