September 11: Weekly Message for Students

Dear CSB/SJU Students:

Congratulations on completing week two.  We are still doing very well as a community keeping our infection numbers very low. Again, as we prepare to head into the weekend we urge you to continue your following all behavior precautions.  Continue to limit your exposure and avoid large gatherings, adhere to masking and social distancing, and stick with your key small groups as you hang out and relax together. 

Below are a few important reminders and updates:

  • We are looking into health screening on weekends.  We request that you fill out the form on the weekends, we still want you to practice your daily health screening, including temperature and symptom check.  This is the best way to head off community spread. If your temperature is up or you have symptoms, isolate yourself from others until you are contacted.  The Student COVID coordinator will contact you Monday if you report symptoms over the weekend. 
  • Testing- we want to affirm that we will not be following up with students who test or reveal their close contacts where a policy violation may have occurred. For example, if an underage student tests and reveals she was at a party/bar with alcohol, we would not handle that as a student conduct matter.    It’s more important that the student test and reveal their contacts than not test for fear of being punished.  To be clear, that does not admonish all students from any policy violations. CSB/SJU reserves the right to sanction any student who jeopardizes the health and well- being of the community. However, in this case we will only act when a student has been capricious with their actions, such as hosting a party that violates COVID rules.  
  • Thank you all for taking your socializing outside, where it is easier to social distance.  However, this has created another problem with too many students gathering in large groups on the SJU campus, particularly on weekend evenings.  This weekend staff will be present outdoors to ensure that rules are being followed and respected.  Please mask and social distance.
  • CSB/SJU have created additional guidelines for upper class areas and the ability to host friends outside with alcohol present. Please see the previous emails sent to you directly.
  • Flipgrid- Club and Organization fair is taking place online this year.  Flip thru some of these fun, informative short videos on the various clubs and organizations you can join! When you click on the access links below, you should log in to Flipgrid by choosing Join with Microsoft and entering your username and password. Access our clubs page! Access our departments and organizations page! 
  • Daily Bulletin app- be sure to download the free CSB/SJU bulletin app to keep up with all things happening on campus. Go to the app store and search “CSB/SJU bulletin
  • Guest policy will be reviewed at CSB/SJU this coming week with any changes announced in next Friday’s e-mail update.
  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to get the flu shot this year. Flu shots will be available on both campuses starting the end of September. Watch for more information coming soon. 

Again, keep up the good work, let’s stay healthy so we can all stay on campus.  Have a great weekend! 

Mary Geller
College of Saint Benedict
Vice President Student Development

Michael P. Connolly
Saint John’s University
Interim Vice President & Dean of Students