July 6: COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Dear Colleagues,

As we look ahead with anticipation to the new academic year, we are committed to the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Representatives from CSB/SJU Academic Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, Health Services, Human Resources and Student Development developed the attached COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, which is now in effect for all employees. The Plan addresses important safety protocols, reporting requirements, and related policies. We are all collectively responsible for complying with this Plan to mitigate risk to members of our community. Please review the information and discuss any questions with your supervisor or Human Resources. 

The Plan paves the way for CSB and SJU employees to begin to return to work. At this time, employees who can work from home are expected to continue doing so until they receive additional guidance from their supervisors. 

  • The target return-to-work on campus date for CSB/SJU administrative and service operations is August 3, 2020.
  • Supervisors needing staff to return-to-work on campus prior to August 3rd should seek approval from their VP.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to consider staggered schedules and phased returns to promote social distancing while meeting operational needs. Such scheduling may result in a combination of staff working both on-campus and remotely. Supervisors should review their department scheduling plan with their VP.

We thank the Return-to-Work Planning Team, under the leadership of Carol Abell, for their efforts. We appreciate the collaboration among colleagues from multiple departments and divisions in the development of this Plan. It remains an evolving document as more is learned about the pandemic and guidance from federal and state authorities is provided to institutions of higher education. 

Laurie Hamen, CSB Interim President

Eugene McAllister, SJU Interim President