March 18: Fall 2021 Study Abroad Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

It is our policy that the CSB and SJU Presidents must approve CSB/SJU study abroad programs located in countries with a Level 3 Advisory as designated by the U.S. State Department.  Our CSB/SJU Fall 2021 study abroad programs are located in countries currently under a State Department Level 3 Advisory: Reconsider Travel due to COVID-19.  In addition to country assessment, a review of each Fall 2021 study abroad site was conducted that considered on-site COVID-19 protocols, available medical infrastructure, housing arrangements, academic support including ability to provide modified, hybrid, or online academics in the event of student quarantine and isolation, and the ability to obtain student visas.

After a review of Fall 2021 study abroad programs, the CSB and SJU Presidents have approved a select portfolio of Fall 2021 programs to move forward at this time:

  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom - London 

Fall 2021 semester programs still under review:

  • Chile
  • Japan 

Fall 2021 semester programs that have been canceled:

As we move toward a gradual return to study abroad this Fall, it is possible that the U.S. Center for Disease Control will still have a CDC Level 4: Very High COVID-19 Risk Assessment Level for countries where we will send students. This requires us to make study abroad program changes to adapt to the impact of COVID-19: 

  • CSB/SJU Faculty Directors: As an added layer of support, all Fall 2021 programs will have an on-site CSB/SJU Faculty Director.
  • Country travel restrictions: No travel will be allowed outside the program country during program dates.  Student travel outside of the program country during program dates will be grounds for immediate removal from the program.
  • Greco-Roman/Roman-Greco: Due to changing quarantine and visa restrictions within Europe, the Greco-Roman and Roman-Greco programs will need to become a separate Greece semester program (led by Dr. Tony Cunningham) and a separate Italy semester program (led by Dr. Scott Johnson).  The Center for Global Education will be contacting students on these impacted programs to discuss the transition process to a Greece or Italy program. Due to visa restrictions, we anticipate this will be a permanent program change.
  • Study Abroad Community Standards: All Fall 2021 study abroad students will be required to acknowledge and sign Fall 2021 Study Abroad Community Standards if they choose to participate in Fall 2021 study abroad programs.
  • We highly encourage all study abroad students to get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are eligible as individual countries may choose to require the vaccine for international travelers.

CSB/SJU will continue to assess Fall 2021 programs and monitor any changes in the U.S. State Department country advisories or on-site program protocols.  Please note that the current study abroad program approvals only apply to the programs listed above.  All other international programs must continue to be reviewed and approved before they can move forward. 

While we are excited about the gradual return to study abroad, we know some of these programmatic changes will be disappointing to students.  All Fall 2021 study abroad participants will have the choice as to whether they would like to move forward with study abroad under the current conditions.  The Center for Global Education is contacting all Fall 2021 study abroad students today to discuss their choices and potential next steps in their individual program processes.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] 


Richard Ice