March 17: Message from Campus Ministry

Dear Students,

As we all experience the changes and feelings of this time, please know this: you are not alone.

In fact, in a very real way, we are all in this together. While socially distant, we are united in our drive to suspend this virus and protect humanity. And what a time it is to be Benedictine!

We are reminded of several our Benedictine values: stability, humility, and community. Stability – as we look to the banner of the Abbey Church and the dome of the Sacred Heart Chapel, structures built to stand the test of time and to remind us of God’s enduring presence. Humility – as we are all stripped of what we know to be familiar, which allows us to focus on a new way of living in the world. And Community – as we realize that which is most important to us in this life: one another.

Finally – Prayer. Across traditions we know that prayer connects us most powerfully to God, our Creator and Sustainer and to one another. God hears your questions, sees your tears, holds you in all of these emotions, and walks with us through these unknowns. As in the Rule of Saint Benedict, “We believe that the Divine presence is everywhere” (19.1). God is present and so are we.

We are with you in the days and weeks ahead, with an aim to offer stability, community, and prayer. Please check our websites at SJUfaith and CSB Campus Ministry for updated resources and opportunities.

We are committed to new ways of encounter, for we belong to one another.

With Hope,

Margaret Nuzzolese Conway

Director of SJU Campus Ministry


S. Sharon Nohner, OSB

Director of CSB Campus Ministry