March 15: Student Notice - COVID Vaccine and Post-Travel Requirements

Dear Students,

Thank you for your dedication and efforts to maintain a safe campus community this spring. We are heading into the last week of Block B and have limited cases on campus. We write to remind you that one of the main reasons we moved to the Block schedule this year was to limit students moving on and off-campus for breaks or even for the weekend. By containing our community, we are better able to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus. This is also why we made an intentional decision to eliminate our traditional spring break for this academic year. 

As a small, residential liberal arts institution, we understand the value of an in-person educational experience. The activities, discussions, and learning environment are enhanced when working with your peers and professors directly. Therefore, unless a student has worked with housing to participate fully remotely for the entire semester or has a health-related issue that prevents them from being in class, we do not condone participating remotely. 

In addition, travel expectations (outlined below) require an individual who has traveled outside of the state using public transportation (e.g., an airplane) must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival back at campus. Not only would this require remote classroom attendance, but it will limit all your activities for the entire quarantine period. 


Our CSB Health Services team and COVID-19 Coordinators are in regular communication with Stearns County and MDH officials. Although CSB Health Services is registered as a COVID-19 vaccine provider, we do not have any allotment of vaccine on campus at this time. Starting Wednesday, March 10th, the State of Minnesota will start vaccinating the next priority groups. To view the latest information on Phase 1B Tier 2 and Phase 1B Tier 3 eligibility, please see MDH vaccine plan:

The easiest way to know when you are eligible for your COVID-19 vaccine is to utilize the MDH Vaccine Connector. Based on the information you enter, you will be notified when you can schedule your COVID-19 Vaccine. Sign up is easy at:

If you fall into one of these groups due to a medical condition, please contact your primary care provider if you haven’t been notified via the MDH Vaccine Connector. If you are from out of state and believe you qualify, please contact CSB Health Services at 320-363-5370 to speak with an RN or provider. 


Given current outbreaks of COVID-19 variants in multiple areas across the country, both CDC and MDH are recommending to delay any personal travel. 

If you do travel outside the state of MN via public transportation, CSB/SJU will follow MDH guidelines advising a 14-day quarantine upon return and COVID-19 testing day 5-7 post travel.

Each of us has a personal responsibility to help keep our community safe and to remain focused on mitigation measures. It is recommended you quarantine at your permanent residence and attend class remotely following travel. If unable to quarantine at home, please contact Student COVID-19 Coordinator to determine if quarantine space is available on campus. You can contact CSB Health Services at 320-363-5370 or 320-363-5605 to schedule a post-travel COVID-19 test. 

Student Employees Post Travel: Student employees will not be able to work post-travel during 14 day quarantine period. The only exception will be if a student can do work remotely. It is the student employee's responsibility to inform and review their post travel work-plan with their supervisor. 

Note: If you have been fully vaccinated or if you had a positive COVID case within 90 days prior to travel, quarantine is not required. A PCR test should be taken 5-7 days following return from travel with continued careful self-monitoring. 

Class Attendance

Travel and/or a spring break vacation is not an acceptable reason to participate in a course remotely. Because of the value of in-person participation, students are expected to attend class in-person as much as is allowed per our six-foot social distancing protocols. We will not accept vacations as an acceptable excuse to participate remotely in the block schedule. 

Further questions may be directed to [email protected]


Mary Geller                                                      Michael Connolly

Vice President for Student Development           Interim Vice President for Student Development

College of Saint Benedict                                  Saint John’s University


Dr. Barb May

Academic Dean

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University