February 24: Center for Global Education Update on Ukraine

Dear CSB/SJU Community Abroad,

We wrote to all of you last week about the increasing tension between Russia and Ukraine, and today we all saw the heartbreaking news of the invasion into Ukraine.  First, let us mention that our thoughts and prayers are with the people impacted by this crises, and we hope for a peaceful resolution. 

Second, we want you to know that CSB/SJU is working closely with our European partners as the situation evolves. We are in regular contact with our on-site staff to ensure that we are as informed as possible. The Center for Global Education (CGE) closely follows updates from the U.S. State DepartmentZurich Insurance/Crisis24 intelligence reports, and our international program partner sites.  We continue to have the utmost confidence in the ability of our international program sites to ensure health and safety and to continue to offer academic programming.  However, in the event that the situation drastically changes, all students are covered under a comprehensive health and emergency insurance plan which includes emergency evacuation in the event of widespread terrorist attacks, acts of war, and natural disasters.

We also want to acknowledge that these crises can also carry a mental burden.  Our CSB/SJU International Medical and Accident Insurance allows for in-person and remote counseling options should you choose to use this option.  We also encourage you to check out the [email protected] app through CSB/SJU.  It is a resource that has many different ideas for managing stress and self-care.

Finally, as we mentioned in our e-mail last week, please continue to review U.S. State Department Travel Advisories before undertaking independent travel outside of your program country.

Please feel free to reach out to our CGE team should you have further questions or concerns.


Kevin Clancy, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Global Education

College of Saint Benedict | Saint John’s University

  • [email protected]
  • 320-363-3300 (general questions)
  • 320-363-5370 (medical questions related to COVID-19)