January 25: COVID-19 Community Testing Event on February 3

Dear CSB and SJU Students,

Welcome back for Spring Semester! We look forward to a safe, engaging, and educational semester together.

As you know, enhanced COVID-19 testing is planned this semester, to help contain and avoid surges. Thank you for returning to campus safely by completing your pre-arrival testing.

We will be conducting a post-arrival community testing event on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. This testing is offered free of charge by CSB/SJU. This test is required of every student who lives on-campus, is taking class in person on campus, is employed on-campus, or will be using campus facilities (dining, library, labs, fine arts, athletic/recreational facilities, etc.) Students who do not participate will not be able to attend in person class, work on campus, or use campus facilities until testing is complete and results are submitted.

The only exemptions from post-arrival testing are:

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 on/after September 6, 2020. (After consultation with MDH, we will not retest anyone who had COVID-19 in the past 150 days. This does not mean you are immune for 150 days, but simply guideline for surveillance testing.)
  • You have been granted a residency exemption for Spring 2021 semester and are not residing in residence halls nor physically present on campus at any time.

•    CSB and SJU NCAA Intercollegiate Athletes participating in winter seasons will be tested separately. Do not sign up for this event. You will be scheduled for a testing time by your athletic trainers. Watch your emails for further information.

To participate in this required testing event: 

Step 1: Register for a testing appointment

•     CSB Students will be tested at HCC

•     SJU Students will be tested at Guild Hall

Step 2: Get tested

•     Please come at your scheduled time to help with traffic flow and eliminate wait times

•     Come well hydrated

•     Do not eat, drink, chew gum or smoke for at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Step 3: Report your results to the Student COVID Coordinator

Please send any questions to the Student COVID Coordinator

Regular and targeted testing will allow us to plan fun and safe new COVID-19 compliant activities this semester. Watch for ongoing updates on the Daily Bulletin.


Mary Geller

Vice President of Student Development

College of Saint Benedict

Michael Connolly

Interim Vice President of Student Development

Saint John’s University