January 13: COVID-19 Update

Thank you all for the work you have done to protect our community over this past school year. From masking to getting vaccinated, know that your efforts are deeply appreciated.

We are hosting both a vaccine clinic and a testing clinic this week on campus.

  • Currently, 90% of our student population is vaccinated, with 40% of those students having received a booster shot.
  • Of the 550 students who have been tested thus far at our testing event, we have received 150 results back with only 7 positives. That is great news for our community. These results are incorporated into our CSB/SJU COVID-19 Dashboard, and we will continue to update the dashboard as results are received over the next few days.

MDH has released their updated guidance regarding quarantine/isolation times, and CSB/SJU will be shortening quarantine and isolation time to 5 days in alignment with their guidance. Individuals are still required to mask and monitor symptoms on days 6-10.

It is our goal to continue to stay in person for spring semester and to have a robust student experience. It will take all of us working together as a community to ensure we are able to do this. In particular, we are asking you to assist in the following ways:

  • We need your support and patience. Things may look a bit different these first few weeks, and there may be temporary changes to services in order to manage through the higher numbers of COVID cases we are experiencing right now. We will do our best to get our services back to normal as soon as possible.
  • We need you to follow our masking guidelines and wear your masks correctly.
  • We need you to stay home and get tested if you are feeling ill.
  • We need you to get your booster shot if you are eligible.

Thank you,

Casey Gordon

Chair, CSB/SJU Pandemic Planning Committee

  • [email protected]
  • 320-363-3300 (general questions)
  • 320-363-5370 (medical questions related to COVID-19)