Research Contract: CH 350 - Library Research

Students working on a library research project are obliged to conform to the following expectations:

  1. Establish work habits that include a minimum of four hours per cycle of library research for each term credit earned.
  2. Meet with the moderator on a regular basis to discuss progress made on the project (once per cycle).
  3. Maintain literature sources, reading notes, etc. which should be available to the moderator during the meetings and upon request.
  4. Prepare and present a Senior Seminar talk.
  5. Attend at least 75% of all departmental seminars (see Seminar Policy).
  6. Submit a formally prepared and properly referenced paper.

The faculty research advisor agrees to commit at least one hour per cycle for direct interaction and guidance.

This contract is mutually agreed upon by

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Library Research Proposal

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Research Advisor ___________________________

Term/Year _________________________________

Number of Credits ___________________________

Please print or type a short description of projected library research activity.

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