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National Fly-in Program

Bus trip to campus for a Fly-in Weekend

You’re invited to visit CSB+SJU!

You’ve seen pictures of the 3,000 acres of lakes, woods and hiking trails at CSB+SJU – now it’s time to fly to CSB+SJU and see it yourself! The National Fly-in Program is designed specifically for accepted students from outside Minnesota. 

    Grab a parent and fly to CSB+SJU for an individual visit

    To be eligible for a flight:
    • Student must apply to CSB+SJU and be accepted for admission.
    • Student should contact their CSB+SJU admission representative to arrange their visit.
    • Student flight must be arranged by student or parent/guardian in case flight has to be cancelled/postponed due to COVID or a change in family plans.
    • Student must fly with parent/guardian who provide transportation to campus. The best recommendation is to rent a vehicle from the MSP airport as services like Uber or Lyft will be far more expensive.
    • Student/Parent/Guardian will need to submit flight receipt with cost of student flight and hotel receipt. CSB+SJU will reimburse for the student flight and up to two nights in a local hotel. The total reimbursement for student flight and hotel stay is not to exceed a total of $600. Reimbursement will be sent after the visit has been completed.
    • Parents – We highly recommend staying at one of these local hotels in the St. Joseph/St. Cloud area:

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    The admission staff at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University is here to help you with your college search. Each admission representative works with a particular region and specific schools. Use our online locator to identify your representative and find his or her contact information.

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    Out of state student Belen Dominguez

    Students from around the country consistently tell us their fly-in weekend was an important factor in their decision to attend CSB+SJU.

    "My host took us to a gala on Saturday night. It was the first time I had ever been exposed to the Bahamian culture, and it was super interesting. I really enjoyed the experience and it definitely helped me feel more comfortable by seeing how happy students were on campus."

    Belen Dominguez
    Cicero, Illinois

    Fly-in Student

    "We did tons of stuff over our fly-in weekend. We did leadership games with PRP, listened to current students talk about their experience at CSB+SJU, went on a scavenger hunt around both campuses, met with professors in our respective fields of interest, and met with other prospective students around the United States. I loved the scavenger hunt the most since it truly helped me to see why I loved Saint John’s. The campus is so beautiful and truly in an awesome location."

    Nicholas Merickel
    Phoenix, Arizona