XPD Scholarships & Fellowships

The Office of Experience and Professional Development facilitates a variety of scholarships and fellowships. These opportunities are available for both CSB and SJU students.

Mayo Innovation Scholars Program:

The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP) offers an unparalleled opportunity for selected undergraduate students along with a small group of MBA students to research specific projects submitted by Mayo Clinic professionals. Whether they research the medical-scientific aspect of the project, or work on business-oriented tasks, students involved in the MISP project work alongside a faculty mentor and MBA student to explore cutting-edge products, research topics, and examine services provided by the Mayo Clinic. The experience involves training/orientation in the fall, followed by intensive research and work to write a paper and prepare a presentation that is given at the Mayo Clinic in March.

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)/Gary Eichten Internship:

Two students are selected each year from CSB/SJU to complete an internship at MPR, located in downtown St. Paul, learning the basics of news writing, reporting, and production with a goal to write and produce material for MPR newscasts. This prestigious internship was created in honor of Gary Eichten, a 1969 Saint John’s University graduate, who wore many hats during his award-winning, 40-plus year career at Minnesota Public Radio. Selected fellows work full time at MPR for 12 weeks each summer.