Employer & Alum Registration: Working with Youth | Education Fair

CSB/SJU alumni as well as employer participants should complete this registration form to register for the March 28, 2018 event, Working with Youth | Education Fair. This event will be held at the College of Saint Benedict. A confirmation letter with specific details will be emailed to the contact on this registration form after the March 12th registration deadline.

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If provided the link will be available to students via on-line advertising.
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This event is split into three concurring events. Please check the boxes indicating how you wish to participate.

Please note, if you choose the option to present on an Information Session/Panel topic, you will be contacted once these sessions are formed.

If you are participating in the Fair, you will need to staff the booth from 4:00 - 6:30 p.m. You will need additional staff if you plan to be part of the Alum|Student Connection or partake in an Information Session/Panel.
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Please use the following section if you are participating in the Job/Career Fair. This information will be used for advertising to students and creating a brochure for the Fair. Please be as concise as possible and submit as you would like it to appear in advertising materials.

Example: Full-time Elementary K-6; Mathematics 5-12; Spanish K-12; Substitute Teachers; Summer Camp Counselors; Summer Tutor; KidStop Educator.
Request for Interview Space (after Fair 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.)
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Please use the following section if you would like to present or be on a panel. Please indicate the topic(s) of expertise/interest.
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Please provide information/comments regarding your experience within the topic(s) selected to assist us in forming these presentations.