Sept. 2018 edition 2

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Alum Spotlight 
Cameron Christensen '09
Major: CSCI
Math & Computer Science Content Manager

 -Khan Academy -

"Fall in love with a hard problem. Mine is education. Keep growing your technical skills. Don't shy away from things you perceive to be difficult. The harder something is to learn, the more value it is likely to have."

Click here to read more about Cameron's experience working for Khan Academy.


Andrea Walter
Andrea Walter 
Major: GBUS
Minor: COMM
Game Day Intern
-Minnesota Twins-

"Every day at Target Field was a day to remember. The moments that happen at baseball games are so incredibly genuine and heartwarming. The smiles on fan's faces can not be faked and there is nothing like knowing I got to contribute (if even in a small way) to creating a place for families to come together."

Click here to read more about Andrea's internship experience with the MN Twins.

Hiring Advice

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Jason Wander
National Bank Examiner
-Office of the Comptroller of the Currency-

How can CSB/SJU students demonstrate great communication skills?

"A student may display clear and concise communication to our agency by preparing for job fairs and interviews by researching the OCC. Students should display their knowledge of the agency, while providing well-thought out questions that shows their interest in the agency." Read more here.

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