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Alum Spotlight 
Garrett Backes

Garrett Backes '09
Major: COMM
Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
-Minnesota Children's Museum-

"Communication is number one, in so many ways. Having an opportunistic mindset. Listening and hearing out the priorities and goals of the donor, then connecting how that might fit with what your nonprofit organization does."

Click here to read about Garrett's experience with the Minnesota Children's Museum.


Kateri Heymans 
Major: PCST
Volunteer Coordinator and Marketing Intern
ACAF/Friends of Chimbote in Chimbote, Peru-

"It is never to early to start gaining valuable experience. I would also recommend getting involved early and often in school since your extracurricular activities and class rigor will stand out to potential employers."

Click here to read more about Kateri's experience in Peru through the Center for Ethical Leadership in Action (CELA) fellowship.

Hiring Advice


Tim Johnson
Recruitment Marketing Specialist

How can CSB/SJU students stand out when connecting with those at CentraCare?

Stand out in a positive way by being curious. Use your resume to showcase  your accomplishments, not tasks."

Read more advice from Tim here.

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