Mar. 2018 edition

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Alum Spotlight 
 Matt Lerick  

Matt Lerick '16
Major: CHEM
Public Health Associate
-Center for Disease Control-

"Having a wide variety of skills and knowledge stemming from a liberal arts education has allowed me to understand the 'big picture' in public health because much of public health involves integrating multiple fields for understanding and effective completion of the job."

Click here to read about Matt's position at the Chicago Department of Public Health's Immunization Program.  


isabel real

Isabel McKeown
Major: GBUS
Analyst Intern
-3M Global Strategic Sourcing-

Mayo Innovation Scholar Program

"My advice when starting a professional internship is to really be confident in yourself and your work. There is a reason you were hired for the position you accept, so let that idea give you confidence when you walk in the door for the first day of the internship."

Click here to read more about Isabel's experience at 3M & with the Mayo Innovation Scholar Program.

Hiring Advice
  Tricia Meyer - fair prep  

Tricia Meyer
Talent Acquisition Specialist
-Minnesota Department of Human Services-

How can CSB/SJU students stand out in the application process at the Minnesota Department of Human Services?

"You have probably heard this a million times over but, do your research! Tell me about something that caught your eye on our social media account or on our website or refer to our mission. This shows you took five minutes to poke around and learn something more than simply stating we help people."

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