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Alum Spotlight 
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Sara Tuka '03
Major: COMM
Group Account Director
-AJF Partnership-

"Embrace the power of persuasive storytelling - both verbally and written. This is something we do every day in our interaction with others, and almost every aspect of my job depends on it."

Click here to read about Sarah's advertising job in Melbourne, Australia.


Quinton Johnson (2)

Quinton Johnson
Majors: HIST and POLS
Jackson Fellow
-Stearns History Museum-

"I met some of the most amazing people both within the group of fellows and during my work at the museum. Hearing their stories and understanding their backgrounds has been one of the most incredible aspects of my time as a Jackson Fellow."

Click here to read more about Quinton's experience as a Jackson Fellow.

Hiring Advice

  Ashley Laffen - fair prep 2  

Ashley Laffen
Talent Acquisition Specialist
-Enterprise Rent-a-Car-

How can CSB/SJU students stand out in the application process at Enterprise?

"We love a well rounded applicant, so be sure to highlight your education, your work experience, and your leadership involvement. Point out responsibilities where you have worked face to face with people, made decisions, and took initiative.

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