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Alum Spotlight 
 Allandra-Maria McEachrane 2 

McEachrane '10

Majors: PSYC & COMM
Clinical Mental Health Counselor

"My advice for students interested in careers within psychology would be to seek to improve self awareness. It's important to research different fields and talk to others that work in a field you are interested in."

Click here to read about Allandra's clinical counseling career in New York.


Michael Syverud

Michael Syverud
Majors: POLS & HISP
SEAM Externship
-Minneapolis City Hall-

"My advice for future students interested in the SEAM (Student Exploration through Alum Mentorship) externship is to come in with an open mind. You never know what you might find out or who you might meet!"

Click here to read more about Michael's SEAM Externship at Minneapolis City Hall. 

Hiring Advice 

  Tabatha Notsch - Boys and Girls Club 

Tabatha Notsch
Recruitment & Volunteer
-Boys and Girls Club of Central Minnesota-

How can CSB/SJU students stand out in the application process at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Minnesota?

"Highlight past experiences where you were able to be creative in a company setting. Also, share examples of how you needed to problem solve and think on your feet. Do research on the organization, initiate a handshake, and show interest and excitement for the position."

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