Sophomore Survey 2009

1. How many times have you used the Career Resource Center (CRC)?
2. If you've never visited, why have you not used the Resource Center?
3. Which of these resources have you used and how often have you used them?
1 to 2
3 to 4
5 or more
CSB/SJU Career Website
Resource Center materials (books on major/career, handouts)
Resume resources (critique)
CANE (Alumni) Files
Career Exploration Series (alumni panels)
Career Program/Workshop (other than CES)
On-Campus Interview
Cover Letter resources (critique)
Interview Resources/Practice Interview
Career Fairs
4. The following are career steps sophomores should be working on; check those you have done:

6. Did you attend a fall Sophomore Career Program through your residential hall?

8. If you didn't attend, why not?
9. Did you attend Career EXPO in November?
10. Which parts of the EXPO did you attend?
11. How many alums did you speak with during EXPO?
12. Did your participation in Career EXPO lead to your participation in any of the following?
13. How do you hear about our career events?
14. Career Services sends out e-mails to communicate events; what percentage of the total e-mails do you read?
15. What part of our e-mails do you look at?
16. Does Career Services currently send...
17. Would you be more likely to read our e-mails if...

22. Do you have a job, internship, or research position lined up for this summer?
23. Where is your hometown?
24. Which residential hall did you live in last year?