MPCCC Assessment - Pathways Program

We have completed 9 years of Pathways' events (with the rotation of topics in the Arts, BioSciences and Communication).  It's time to assess the program and its future direction.  Please take a few minutes to respond to the following questions by Thursday, May 17; instead of asking only one individual per school to respond, we'd like each of you to respond so that we get lots of feedback and ideas!

The Committee (Mary Anderson, Kirsten Cahoon, Mary Harlander-Locke and Sandy Tilton) will be discussing the results and plan to report back to the group at our meeting on June 6th.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

The Future of Pathways:

If Pathways is to continue, which month would you prefer? Remember spring dates, Feb-April, will require consideration of spring breaks.

Price for Students:

Format of Program:

Committee Membership: For this program to continue, we need to have new members willing to learn/apprentice.
Willing to Join Committee: