Identifying and Contacting Potential Employers


Another job search method involves utilizing various resources to identify employers that interest you and then contacting the employers to inquire about openings. The Career Resource Centers have a variety of resources that will help you identify potential employers. We also encourage you to identify employers by utilizing CSB/SJU library resources, talking to friends and family, and reading the newspaper for your targeted geographical area.

Once you've identified employers that interest you, conduct some research to determine what types of positions exist within the organization. Are you interested in and qualified for any of these positions? If so, conduct additional research to determine the company's needs, profile and culture so that you can market yourself effectively. See Researching Organizations for more information. When you've gathered enough information, your next step is to contact the employer. You can do this by either calling the employer or writing a letter of inquiry. Before contacting the employer, you may want to discuss your strategy with Career Services staff. Here are a few guidelines for each method of contact:

Calling the Employer:

Writing a Letter of Inquiry:

  • Contact the manager of the department that interests you.
  • Introduce yourself by briefly explaining what skills you have to offer the employer.
  • Inquire about position openings.
  • If no openings, ask for referrals to other individuals who might be hiring someone with your skills. Also inquire if it is o.k. to send your resume for their files.
  • If there are openings, obtain details and follow-up accordingly.
  • Refer to Letter Writing to learn the basics of writing a letter of inquiry.
  • Address letter to the manager of the department that interests you.
  • Send letter with a copy of your resume.
  • Follow up by calling the employer within one to two weeks after you send the letter.
  • When calling to follow-up, introduce yourself and make reference to your letter. Inquire about openings. Promote your skills and strengths. Explore the possibility of arranging an interview.
  • If there are no openings, ask for referrals to other individuals who may have a need for your skills and experiences.