Sample Resumes

Following are a variety of resume samples to provide you with an idea of different styles/formats. Take a look at all of them and create your own draft; then have it reviewed by XPD staff. (Resumes are posted in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat.  If you are unable to view the resumes, please use this link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to your computer.)

*Please note: some organizations utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to review and evaluate candidates’ resumes. If the organization you are applying to utilizes an ATS to screen candidates, it is suggested you avoid the use of PDFs and text boxes on your resume. If you have questions, contact the organization’s Human Resources department for clarification on preferred format of resume.


Resume Samples:

Resume Samples – Targeted Industries/Career Fields:

Sample – Arts-related (Theater focus)
Sample – Art-related (Sophomore level)

Resumes for Alums:
Sample (With graduate school experience)
Sample (With “summary”)

Providing List of References: