Phone & Virtual Interviews

Some organizations will perform their screening or interviews via phone and virtually using platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. Here are some tips and resources to help you prepare for these interviews: 

  • How to Make a Good Impression in a Virtual Job Interview
  • How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview
  • Have items such as your resume, job description, and company literature within easy reach.
    Review all of them prior to the interview. Have a set of prepared questions you want to have answered about the position.
  • Know the details: What time will the interview take place? Are you dealing with different time zones? If there are any questions about the timing of the interview, make sure you get clarification ahead of time.
  • Create a space that will allow for privacy during the conversation. 
  • Write down the name(s) of the individuals you will be speaking with and address your questions to them by name.  You will also want this information to send follow-up thank you notes. Be sure to get correct spelling of names and titles.
  • Speak in a confident, positive, and clear tone.  If you feel yourself starting to talk too fast, take a breath and slow down.
  • Determine what the next step in the search process will be, if this is not provided by the employer ask before the interview ends. Know your availability and schedule in the event the employer wants to schedule a second interview.