Alum Career Network

Alum Career Network - CANE

What is CANE?

CANE is a network of CSB/SJU alums willing to share information with current students and alums about a variety of topics including major, career options, graduate school, and volunteer experiences.  These alums may also be able to share information about internship/job opportunities at various companies/organizations.   Set up an information interview or job shadow to learn more!

How can I access CANE?

The CANE database is available in the XPD Resource Centers (Academic Services Building - CSB; Mary Hall - SJU) on each campus.  You do not need an appointment to use CANE.  Just stop in and ask a Career Assistant to help you get acquainted with the database.

Alums can access similar information by utilizing the "Alum On-Line Community."  Contact the Alumnae/Alumni Office for assistance and information.

What are the benefits of using CANE?

Talking with professionals in your field of interest allows you to:

  • Gain valuable information about the career and how to effectively prepare for it.
  • Gain valuable information about graduate schools/programs.
  • Acquire information about employers/organizations which may be helpful in your internship/job search.
  • Gather information that may be helpful as you consider relocation to another city/part of the country/world.
  • View the myriad of occupations available to alums in each major.

Helpful Tips when using CANE:

  • Email/call and ask if you can get together to talk with them about their career, major, etc.
  • Avoid sending a list of questions and expecting the alum to respond.  It's helpful to set up a time for an informational interview at their place of employment.  Sometimes meeting for coffee or doing a phone appointment may be the most convenient due to geography and time constraints.
  • Use the contact information to set up an informational interview or job shadow.