Graduate Outcomes

Annually CSB/SJU XPD - Experience & Professional Development conducts a survey of graduating seniors to understand their first step out of CSB/SJU.  Alumnae/i in each class are contacted within twelve months of their graduation and over 90% of CSB/SJU graduates respond to the survey. The response rate is extremely high; numerous colleges and universities report this data based on 50% or less of respondents.

Of the 90%+ respondents to the CSB/SJU survey, 96% or more indicate that within one year of graduation, they are situated in post-college employment, education or full-time service (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, faith-based organizations). These findings indicate that we can confidently confirm our graduates are finding opportunities that satisfy their interests and career goals.

Over the last several years 70-75% of new graduates select full-time employment as their first step, approximately 20% continue their education, and 6-8% volunteer full-time. The employment category includes graduates teaching internationally including through the Fulbright Program and Fellows (Emerson Hunger Fellow, Upper Midwest Human Rights Fellow, and others).

CSB/SJU graduates are just as likely as their peers at other Minnesota private colleges to continue their education within one year of graduation (MN private colleges level is 22-24%). However, a number chose to seek employment first as they know a couple years of work experience are critical to acceptance into highly-ranked graduate programs. Others chose to volunteer for a year or more as a way to garner experience for employment or graduate school while also living out the Benedictine value of serving the common good.