Lucas Aabel

Intern name: Luke Aabel

Year: Senior

Major (s): GBUS

Title: Operations Intern

Place of internship: Anderson Trucking Service

How did you find out about the internship and what was the application process like?

I found out about the internship first through class, and then proceeded to follow up at the career fair in upper Gorecki. I toured the company in operations class, thought it looked like a nice place, not to mention the CSB alum working in HR. I talked with her more at the MN Private Colleges Job/Internship Fair and we exchanged emails, I sent in a resume, and I was invited for an interview.

What were some of the internship highlights?

Working in a fast paced environment and having the opportunity to interact with a variety of different people and personalities. I also enjoyed the culture and atmosphere of the company itself. Everyone there was very welcoming and we all shared a similar interest in the outdoors, so it was easy to get along with people. Probably my favorite part was having catered lunches every day; it's hard to beat walking into the lunch room and having hot good food ready for you!

What was a typical day like? What were some of your major responsibilities?

A typical day for me began with opening up the "board" of freight that needed to be moved on a given day and looking at the various details (where its being picked up - going to, when it can pick up/deliver, weight, how much money we had into it, any other pertinent details). Then I would get instructions from my manager as to which one I was to be working on (which was generally the toughest one to move) and begin calling companies who posted that they have an available truck in the area. I would then give them the information and try to work out a price that would be easy for both of us to swallow. Essentially I was a broker.

What were some of the challenges of your internship?

The biggest challenge for me I think was staying focused and not get down on myself after struggling to get rid of a given load of freight. Whether it was that I made 100 calls and nobody wanted it or the company had to lose money just to get it moved. Another challenge was getting past some cultural barriers. Due to the region in which I was mainly focused (Chicago area), a lot of the people I interacted with were Eastern Europeans, so either the accent or personality of being straight to the point was sometimes a challenge in my selling pitch.

What did you learn?

Well the biggest thing I learned was that I'm not cut out to sit at a desk on the phone all day. I also learned a lot about the logistics of things and how it is an industry that will always be in demand. It was a learning experience, whether in the traditional way of business, or something more in the big picture of what I may or may not want to do with my life.

What advice would you give other students interested in internships?

I would highly recommend them. It's a great way to try out different things without the expectation of having to work there for an extended period of time, although of course opportunities for that could result. If you are interested in something try it! Get different experiences before you put all your eggs in one basket.

Spring 2015