Kaitlin Keller


Kaitlin Keller

Intern Name: Kaitlin Keller

Major: Communication

Current Position and Brief Description: Multi-media Editorial Intern, New Moon Girls Magazine
New Moon is an online magazine targeted to girls 8-to-15 years old. As an intern, it was my responsibility to create quizzes and polls with weekly themes for girls to interact with, moderate the website content, migrate old content, and file submissions (checking the girls' accounts).

How did you find out about the internship and what was the application process like?
I found out about this internship through an email from the Internship Office. I can't recall the exact specifications of the application process except that it was a two-step process. First I had to apply to show my interest and then I had to take a mock test of the tasks I would be doing for New Moon Girls.

What were some of the internship highlights?
The biggest highlight was that this internship was done all via the Web. There is was no actual internship site so the interns and full-time staff interacted via email and Skype. The positive outcome of it being done all online was that I had the ability to conduct my tasks from campus. This made it easy for me to go to my other classes as well as have the luxury of bringing my internship to the library if I needed to.

What was a typical day like? What were some of your major responsibilities?
A typical day was very laid back because it was all done online. Each intern was responsible for signing up for times to moderate the site. Since I had a 2:40 class on even days, I chose to sign up for moderating times in the morning of those days. I would sign into the website moderating link and choose whether I wanted to moderate the post board or if I wanted to moderate the quizzes and polls that girls had submitted. These were all major responsibilities because we are controlling what is posted on the Internet. We wanted to ensure a safe and positive environment for girls worldwide so we moderate all content to make sure nothing viral is leaked and creates a negative impression of New Moon Girls Magazine.

What were some of the challenges of your internship?
The only challenge was if the site was down. Considering the internship is all online, it made it particularly difficult to do my work if I couldn't access the website at a given time.

What did you learn?
I developed my skills in time management by making sure that I kept track of when I needed to finish an assignment as well as knowing when I was to moderate the site.  I also learned the skills of editing and website management through the moderating process as well as keeping the website well-advertised on social media sites such as Facebook by posting comments and connecting with other children's development organizations.

What advice would you give other students interested in internships?
Be open and flexible for whatever assignment comes your way. Develop a good relationship with your site supervisor. They are the best contact for you at an internship, so if you have any questions at all, you can ask this person. Utilize your time wisely.  Most importantly...Have FUN!!