Jordan Stavedahl

Jordan Stavedahl

Intern name: Jordan Stavedahl
Year: Junior
Major (s): Hispanic Studies & Communication
Intern Position: Corporate Intern
Place of Internship: Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting

How did you find out about the internship and what was the application process like?
I found out about the internship through the Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair in Minneapolis. My first interview was at the fair, and I had two follow-up phone interviews. Overall the process was straightforward and positive.

What were some of the internship highlights?
Some highlights from my internship included working on projects with my fellow interns, meeting with members of the exec team and building professional relationships. It was great to meet so many wonderful people and gain mentors throughout the summer.

What was a typical day like? What were some of your major responsibilities?
On a typical day I would have a few meetings with my supervisor, members of the different departments in the company, or an executive. I was also always working on a project that took anywhere from a few hours to complete to a few weeks. These projects included updating and maintaining documents in the company database, competitor research, company logo projects, market research and more.

What were some of the challenges of your internship?
Sometimes I would be confused on a project that was challenging, but I was able to reach out and receive feedback which made the projects easier. It was also challenging to know if I could share my ideas or how to act in the first part of the internship, but by the end I felt comfortable contributing and collaborating with my supervisors and peers.

What did you learn? How has this internship impacted your plans for after graduation?
I learned a lot about the insurance and professional world. I learned the importance of company culture, strong relationships and what a full -time job entails. This internship has created an interest in the insurance agency that I didn't have before and has taught me to become open to a variety of careers.

 What advice would you give other students interested in internships?
My advice would be to try an internship even if you do not know exactly what you want to do! You never know what industry you will fall into or if you will really enjoy something you have never tried. Apply for as many internships you can that interest you and keep an open mind.

(December 2016)