Jacqueline Viera

Intern name: Jacqueline Viera

Major(s)/Minor(s): Sociology

Title/place of internship/fellowship, etc.: Intern, Light of Hope Immigration Law Center

How did you find out about your internship/fellowship/etc.? A Johnnie Alumni introduce me to their education department he was volunteering as a teacher. He was teaching a citizenship class. I meet the head of the department during winter break. I got to talk to her about my interest in immigration and women’s rights. We continued to stay in communication and started to discuss me creating an internship with her.

What were your responsibilities at your internship/fellowship/etc.? I am in charged of all of registration documents for the citizenship class for 2019 and 2020. I am constantly making calls to students to update information and stay on the loop as to where they are in the process of them becoming citizens. I have been working with my supervisor in create a series of informative sessions where we get speakers to talk to our students about resources that are available for them to help in life. I have had several different sessions on different aspects of finances that can help our students be more aware of their expenses. I also help many of our older students navigate the usage of technology.

What was the most beneficial aspect of your experience? I find the most rewarding aspect of my internship is hearing back from students about how I was able to help them get into a zoom class or resolve any issue they had. The best part is talking to the students and being about to help them out as much as possible.

What was the most surprising thing you experienced or learned during your internship/fellowship/etc.? I learned a lot about my non profit organization. They help the community of immigrates coming from all over the world. They give legal help especially to low-income families and they help them through the whole process of becoming citizen however they also don’t have enough man power to give everyone the same level of attention.

How can you apply what you experienced at your internship/fellowship/etc. in the future? I have gotten a lot experience talking on the phone and practicing my problem solving skills with the students. I have also have gain more experience with technology and different programs that will help me in future internships or jobs.

What advice would you offer to future students interested in this experience? You will be working with a lot of older people and you will need to practice your patience because for many they don’t know anything about the internet or technology in general. They might also have trouble hearing or understanding you but they are very sweet and grateful.