Haylie McClung

Student name: Haylie McClung

Year: Senior

Major: Integrative Health Sciences

Position: Healthcare Intern

Involvement Site: St. Croix Hospice; Sartell, MN

How did you find out about the program? Describe the application process.

 I looked under the internship website and looked to see what science majors have done in the past. I then went onto the St. Croix Hospice website and filled out a volunteer application.

What were your responsibilities? Please describe a typical day.

I was assigned a case load of patients and would visit each one each week for about 1-2 hours. Usually we would chat, visit, play games, or read a book/newspaper.

What was the most beneficial aspect of your experience? Please provide some specific highlights or examples.

The most rewarding part of this experience is the opportunity to meet a variety of individuals and be there for them at this special point in their lives. Some of my patients didn’t have family so I was often times their only visitor.

What were some of the challenges you faced during your experience?

Each time a patient passes it’s always a bit tough. But knowing that you got to be there for them makes it worth it.

What did you learn? Was there something surprising you experienced?

 I learned that the death and dying process is unique for every individual. Birth is a finite moment when you enter the world, but when does dying really begin?

What advice would you offer to future students who want to be involved in the program?

Don’t be afraid and just do it. The St. Croix staff is wonderful and will assist you with everything! I highly recommend this internship to anyone going into health care.

(April 2018)