Emily Khang

emily khang

Intern Name: Emily Khang '21

Major(s): Global Business Leadership

Title/Place of Internship: Finance Intern at MERGE Boston

How did you find out about your internship/fellowship/etc.?

I was able to obtain an intern position with the finance department through a connection I had when I had applied my freshman year. I had come across this position and applied for as accounts management intern, but unfortunately I wasn't selected. This did not discourage me to apply again for the summer of 2019 so, I did and it was the greatest experience I have earned thus far.

What were your responsibilities at your internship/fellowship/etc.?

As the finance intern of Merge Boston, some of my day to day responsibilities included:
- Generating invoices client invoices as well as revenue recognition,
- Perform analysis on client profitability, utilization, budgets versus actuals
- Work on Client facing reports
- Ad Hoc reporting and projects
In addition to this, I attended billing and client meetings with the finance team and worked closely to the senior client financial analyst.
Alongside my finance intern position, I collaborated with eight other interns on a pro-bono advertising project. For this project, we were assigned a non-profit organization in the Boston area and create a brief of our targets and research to obtain. From this process and collaboration we pitched variety recommendations for the client to further marketing and advertising opportunities.

What was the most beneficial aspect of your experience?

The most beneficial aspect of my experience is that it was out of state and in a place that I am not so familiar with. The environment was different and the people were friendly and aspiring. The people I met were all able to help me decide which career paths I want to take. This started from the tasks I liked and didn't like to do and the people who helped along the way.

What was the most surprising thing you experienced or learned during your internship/fellowship/etc.?

The most surprising thing I experienced during my internship were the long hours many people work in the agency. The days are long, but many people from different departments work during the day, but also log on as soon as they get home. Hours that are logged in are not the actual hours that some people are working, it is more!

How can you apply what you experienced at your internship/fellowship/etc. in the future?

To reflect on my experience, I will be able to apply my skills to my future careers and reflect on what I would and wouldn't want to be doing for a career.

What advice would you offer to future students interested in this experience?

Be open to new experiences. Although the opportunity may not be in the area you are in now, you may have the greatest experience across the country. The skills come with experience!

(October 2019)