D'Havian Scott

Intern name: D'Havian Scott 

Major(s)/Minor(s): Sociology major and Psychology minor 

Title/place of internship/fellowship, etc.: Student Research Intern for Covid19 KInship/ Researcher for Religious Inclusivity Research/Remote Intern for Yes Network

How did you find out about your internship/fellowship/etc.? Covid-19 Kinship: I heard about it through Ellen Block, who is the primary researcher on the study.

Religious Inclusivity: I helped to create this project in a class my sophomore year and I get the opportunity to be apart of the research team again this summer.

Yes Network: Matt Lindstrom through XPD

What were your responsibilities at your internship/fellowship/etc.? Covid 19 and Kinship and Religious Inclusivity: Conducting Interviews, Transcribing, Coding, Recruitment

Yes Network: Writing weekly blogs, Interviewing staff and partners, creating art reports, miscellaneous projects such as writing Thank you cards.

What was the most beneficial aspect of your experience? Even though working from home was challenging, it helped me to build my self-discipline as well as flexibility.

What was the most surprising thing you experienced or learned during your internship/fellowship/etc.? I was able to work on my public speaking skills by conducting interviews throughout the duration of summer. I did not go into these internships expecting this but it was nice t work on this because it was apart of my professional development goals.

How can you apply what you experienced at your internship/fellowship/etc. in the future? The future is uncertain with the current pandemic going on, but even after we have established a new normal, in whatever career you go into, practising flexibility in your minds, role and expectations is very important.

What advice would you offer to future students interested in this experience? I would say "Go for it!" You miss out on 100% of the chances you do not take. I've had a great experience and I hope that other students will find great internships that help them to grow and develop.