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Business Profiles

David Gurewitz

Major: Accounting

Year of Graduation: 2013

I was a Corporate Accounting Intern for OptumInsight in Eden Prairie, MN. There are so many times that pop into my head as highlights throughout my internship experience, but by far the top three highlights were when I was able to attend an all finance meeting where the CFO of OptumInsight facilitated the meeting, creating reports for auditors, and the company picnic. Read More

Communication & Arts Profiles

Alissa Burg

Majors: Communication

Year of Graduation: 2010

I was a Communication and Marketing intern at the United Way of Central Minnesota.  I got to experience every aspect of what a communication or marketing department would do. We were very small, but I found that to be a more thorough and hands-on sort of experience as an intern. Read More

Education Profiles

Consuelo Gutierrez

Major: Communication
Year of Graduation: 2015
I was a Campus Campaign Coordinator for Teach For America.  I learned the importance of catering a message to specific audiences in order to engage them fully in the message that I am trying to communicate. I also learned the value of branding and how to maintain a specific image about something, whether it's a specific program, event, or problem that arises. As an intern you are representative of whatever organization/company that you are working for and how you handle a situation is very important to the success of your work.

  Read More

Environmental & Science Profiles

Mitch Lampe

Major: Environmental Studies

Year of Graduation: 2016

I was an Architectural Intern for the DLR Group in Omaha, Nebraska. I was tasked with designing an office space that satisfied the client’s needs for a more efficient work environment. Read More

Global Profiles

Kevin Knutson

Kevin Knutson

Major: Accounting - CPA Concentration

Year of Graduation: 2016

I found out about a global internship via email, and then I spoke to a few friends who participated in a global internship in Bosnia and Herzegovina in prior years and they told me I would be a good candidate to apply.  Interning in a foreign company was amazing on its own.  It was wonderful working in an enviorment where all the employees in the office got along, and loved everything they did at their job.   Read More

Government Profiles

Intern - Jake Pekarna

Jake Pekarna

Majors: Environmental Studies

Year of Graduation: 2015

I was a Conservation Apprentice with the Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District.  Some of my major responsibilities included: GPS surveying, soil and erosion inspections, stream bank stabilization projects, GIS software projects, installing rain-gardens and native prairies, and taking lake water discharge measurements. Read More

Health & Medical Profiles

Philip Roye

Major: Nutrition and Exercise Science

Year of Graduation: 2015

I was an Athletic Trainer at St. Cloud Orhtopedics in Sartell, Minnesota. The biggest responsibility was to make sure that all clients (12-26 years old) were doing the exercises in a professional manner. Especially younger clients had to be taught how to do certain, complex exercises (such as the Hang Clean or Power Pull).  Read More

Law Profiles

Hannah Klinnert

Majors: Communication

Year of Graduation: 2015

I had the opportunity to learn about a variety of fields. While I worked primarily in health care, I also spent time in immigration and family law, among others. I had ample opportunities to observe meetings and intakes with clients. Read More

Non-Profit/Human Services Profiles

Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth Harrison

Major: Psychology and Hispanic Studies
Year of Graduation: 2012

I work as the Clinical Research Intern at CentraCare Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Clinic in St. Cloud. My primary duty is to expand the clinic's database of patients that have received psychological assessment services through the clinic. Read More

Recreation & Sports Profiles

Tan Tuohy

Tan Tuohy

Majors: Management
Year of Graduation: 2010
I am a Web Design Intern at Worldwide Gaming. I have to use creativity along with other skills to complete tasks.  I get to see my ideas come "alive" on the World Wide Web.  The internet is a powerful publishing medium for ideas and products that can reach a large amount of people Read More