Careers in Nursing

What can I do with this major?

Sample job titles of CSB/SJU Nursing alums:

Flight Nurse Clinical Specialist/Director  Surgical Intensive Care Nurse Nurse Consultant
Community Health Service Coordinator Massage Therapist Public Health Nurse Diabetes Care Specialist
Cardiac Nurse Clinician Nurse Manager Pediatric Nurse Pratitioner School Nurse
Physician Hospice Manager Psychiatric Nurse Consultant Volunteer Nurse
Lab Technician Director of Nursing Nurse Instructor Human Resource Manager
Nurse Practitioner Occupational Health Nurse Lactation Consultant Post Coronary Care
Certified Nurse Midwife Labor and Delivery Nurse Nurse Anesthetist Radiation Therapy Nurse

To explore what CSB/SJU alums are doing with this major, visit the XPD Resource Centers and check out the Alum Career Network database. 

Links for Nursing majors:

Visit CSB/SJU XPD for further information about major selection and career exploration. Career coaches and student career assistants are available to assist you as you research personal interests, values, and skills.