Kristina DeMuth

Year of Graduation: 2011

Major(s): Nutrition - concentration in Dietetics

Graduate School: Master's in Public Health in Nutrition-global health, University of MN 


Kristina was already working hard to earn her degree in nutrition (concentration in dietetics) when she found her calling in Haiti, helping the many in need. DeMuth started volunteering in Haiti with Healing Haiti in January 2011. "I was hoping to end up as a dietitian working with individuals suffering from eating disorders, but I saw a great need for my skills and talents in Haiti," explains DeMuth. With her skills, knowledge and passions, DeMuth has continued her work with Healing Haiti well after graduating from Saint Ben's.

For the past eight months DeMuth has been on a mission trip in Haiti, working with the Feeding Center to enhance their dietary menu and provide a healthier diet. Focusing on using local, native, plant-based foods is the heart of her mission. DeMuth has also provided nutrition education for the children, staff and people living in local communities and began consulting with other feeding centers across Haiti.

After encouragement from a friend, DeMuth, began researching educational opportunities to advance her skills and provide more effective nutrition and education programs in Haiti. She has recently been awarded the Queneau Research Assistantship as part of her acceptance into the nutrition program at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. She will pursue her master's of public health degree in nutrition with a concentration in global health.

"My volunteer work in Haiti will not cease while I am back in school...I will continue to communicate with the Haitian staff and missionaries on a frequent basis. I hope to make several visits throughout the school year too," says DeMuth. She adds, "I am invested in the staff, the children and the elderly we serve in Haiti. Every time I go there, I feel as though I leave a piece of my heart."

(August 2013)