Catherine Krause

Year of Graduation: 2007

Major(s): Elementary Education, Concentration in Mathematics

Current Position: Asst. Principal, Wallace Junior High, Parker, AZ (Graduate School: Master's, Grand Canyon University, online)


Please give a brief description of your current position.
As an assistant principal, I work primarily with student discipline. This includes being present during lunches, transition times, and in classrooms. Then, being able to communicate with teachers, students, and parents effectively to administer consequences for actions. It also is giving me the opportunity to work closely with the principal to make effective curriculum changes, observe teachers, and many other administrative tasks.

What path did you follow to get to your current position?
I taught in a classroom in Arizona for 7 years before moving into a district instructional coach position in the Arizona district. After two years in an instructional coach position in Arizona and acquiring a masters in administration, I worked as an instructional coach position in New Ulm, MN before being hired as an assistant principal in a junior high school, back in Parker, AZ. I realized how rewarding it has been to work for a district, which suffers from many challenges including poverty, diversity, and low funding, but values every one of its employees and treats them like family.

What advice/suggestions would you have for students who might be interested in your career?
Have an open mind to multiple education opportunities. By moving out of state I was able to gain experience with other cultures and belief systems which are beneficial to my understanding of others.

What skills are important in your field?
Building relationships/rapport, accepting change, and understanding.

What is the most satisfying/rewarding part of your position?
Seeing growth in other individuals.  Watching students and teachers grow, learn, and challenge themselves.

Most challenging?
The high accountability and expectations of education from many different members of the community.

What activities/experiences were helpful at CSB/SJU (and elsewhere) in preparation for this career?
Practicums from education classes and volunteer opportunities. 

(October 2016)