Blair Brookman

Blair Brookman

Major: Management (now Global Business Leadership)

Year of Graduation: 2011

Current Position/Location: Recruiter, Google, Boulder, CO


Please give a brief description of your current position.

I am a Recruiter at Google. I get to talk to incredibly smart and interesting people and help them find new job opportunities within Google.

What path did you follow to get to your current position?

I was interested in both Marketing and Human Resources (HR) after graduating and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do. I had a passion for creativity and helping people. I used LinkedIn and Career Services to network and meet alums.  I was lucky enough to find an opportunity in HR within the Marketing/Advertising industry -- and my new boss just happened to be a Bennie. I started as an HR Generalist at Carmichael Lynch. It was the perfect introduction to the HR field because I got to learn about the different areas and typical processes within HR on an amazing team at an awesome company.

I then had a desire to move out of Minnesota to challenge myself and so I made the move to Colorado and had an opportunity to work at TDA Boulder, a small advertising agency. I was the sole HR person and it taught me how to work independently and be scrappy and creative. After having two generalist positions within HR in the advertising industry, I knew I always loved recruiting most and wanted to start specializing my career. I moved to a recruiting agency called Creative Alignments. It was such a fun position where I helped fast growing startups scale their teams in various industries. Now I am fortunate enough to be at Google!  I am incredibly thankful for my mentors and teammates that I’ve worked with because they got me to where I am today.

What advice/suggestions would you have for students who might be interested in your career?

I would say two things:

  1. Learn from any situation and never stop learning. Be a sponge. Getting in the HR/Recruiting field can be tough coming out of school. Wherever you land, you will have an opportunity to learn and can work towards where you want to end up long-term. Take advantage of the people around you. Offer to buy them coffee and pick their brains on how they’ve been successful. Learn about all the different career opportunities within your field. I know when I graduated, I had no idea of all the different possibilities out there. Continue to learn and network.
  2. Find your passion. You are going to perform best when you are doing something you are passionate about. It’s stressful graduating from college and trying to find a job; I remember it. Try not to focus on just landing a job to make money. Explore different areas and tap into the alum network (that’s how I got my first job!).

What skills are important in your field?

Relationship builder, strong communicator, personable, creative, problem solver.

What is the most satisfying/rewarding part of your position?

Helping people land their dream jobs!

Most challenging?

I don’t see things as challenges, I see them as opportunities to learn. Glass half-full, right? When you love what you do, it’s easy to look at challenges that way. I think the most challenging thing is finding a position you are passionate about.

What activities/experiences were helpful at CSB/SJU (and elsewhere) in preparation for this career?

I wish I could explain in words all I learned at CSB/SJU. Not just in class or extracurricular activities, but being a Bennie is an experience only Bennies and Johnnies can understand. I think my experience overall prepared me to be successful in my career but any experiences that push you out of your comfort zone are beneficial to build your people and leadership skills.  For me specifically, studying abroad experiences were so beneficial. It changed my perspective, future goals, and opened my eyes to a bigger world.


(May 2018)