Anne (Dotson) Doepner

Anne Doepner

Year of Graduation: 2001

Major(s): French 

Current Position: Director of Football Administration for the Minnesota Vikings


What path did you take to your current position?

Right out of CSB, she did use her major, working for a travel company that coordinated high-school trips to France. After a couple of years doing that, she worked for a company that catered PGA Tour events.

“I was able to take the travel aspect from the French job into the PGA job, because I coordinated the travel for our staff,” Doepner said. “It was heavy travel. I was on the road about six months of the year.”

That turned out to be her segue into sports. Wanting to get off the road, she applied to be the administrative assistant to the general manager of the Vikings, which she didn’t get.

But the team called her back. A position opened to be the administrative assistant for football operations. One hurdle remained — a 20-question exam to test her knowledge of the game.

What are some activities and resources at CSB/SJU that you utilized to prepare yourself for your career?

“I was the editor of The Record when I was here. That leadership opportunity at the age of 21 was really fundamental in my growth. I learned how to manage people at that young age. I learned about confidence. I learned about hard work, meeting a deadline, needing to be right,” she said. “When you put a player’s contract together, you have to have it right. So, that really was a big, big part of my growth, and not necessarily an experience you could easily get at a large university. What really helped me was the small school environment. I think it helps you grow your confidence a lot easier at a young age, because you have more opportunities available to you to be involved in things,” Doepner said.

(February 2017)