Ali Felix

Ali Felix

Year of Graduation: May 2013

Major(s): Psychology


What strategies did you engage in for your job search?

The summer after graduation, I obtained an HR internship near my hometown at Wenger Corporation. This internship certainly opened up doors of opportunities for me because it provided depth to my resume. Instead of only being able to discuss HR policies and concepts that I learned in the classroom, I was able to talk about how I applied all of it to my internship. Keeping in touch with the CSB/SJU career counselors after graduation is also important. Don't be afraid to contact them often if you need help revising your resume, cover letter, etc. They are more than willing to help you out because they want you to have the best opportunities available to you. Most importantly, make it a commitment to look for jobs every day., Monster, and Career Builder are a few good resources to utilize!

How was social media important in your job search?

LinkedIn was by far the most important tool I used during my job search. Once I had made contact with recruiters via phone, I would connect with them on LinkedIn to ensure that we stayed in touch and also so that I would be informed of any job openings they posted. One of the positions I applied and interviewed for is now where I will be starting my first professional position after graduation: I will be a Human Resources Assistant at Deluxe Corporation.

I did regularly check companies' LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for job openings. I learned that they oftentimes posted job openings on their social media accounts before they would post on or other job search engines. I went to a SHRM meeting in June that talked about the importance of social media in the job search. For example, companies are able to take the entire Facebook population and narrow it down by searching for specific sample groups (i.e. Minnesota residents between the ages of 20-25 with a BA in "x" field).

Tips for current students/alums:

"It's not about what you know, it's about who you know". All job-seekers hear this at least a handful of times while looking for a career. While I believe this has merit, this wasn't the entire case of my story. If you can get your hands on an internship in your career of interest (even after graduation), it will not only open up doors of opportunities for you, but it may also be the deciding factor if that career field is a good fit for you.

Networking is also extremely important. Attend career panels, keep in touch with classmates who have similar career interests as you, and utilize the CANE database (CSB/SJU alum career network) or BenniesConnect (after you graduate; register via the Alumnae Office). Create a LinkedIn profile and always keep it updated; you never know who will be looking at your profile!

 (Fall 2013)