Oh, the Places You’ll Go – Alum Spotlights

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Business Profiles

Sarah Calhoun

Major: Environmental Studies

Year of Graduation: 2014

I am a project management consultant with a company called Boom Lab and am currently assigned at Cargill where I work in the Global IT PMO. I’m assisting on a couple of large-scale global IT plant modernization projects within the Animal Nutrition business. Read More

Communication & Arts Profiles

Amy Pinder

Majors: English Literature and Management (now Global Business Leadership)

Year of Graduation: 2013

I work with government clients to integrate the digital communications solution, GovDelivery Communications Cloud, in ways that relate back to success that can be measured (e.g. HM Revenue & Customs increased their "how to get your taxes right" webinar attendance by 84% in one year: 8,000 people in year A to 50,000 people in year B. I consult on multiple solution implementations at once, reviewing best practices in trainings.  Read More


Education Profiles

Matt Pahl

Major: History

Year of Graduation: 2005

I am the Director of the Policy, Measurement and Innovation Division at the New Mexico Public Education Department.  In this position, I lead the department in its efforts with the state legislature, run innovative new educational programs in conjunction with school districts and charter schools across the state and measure the development and impact of programs across the department and state. Read More

Environmental & Science Profiles

Heather Stoven

Major: Biology

Year of Graduation: 1998

I am an Extension Horticulturalist for Oregon State University. In my position I serve homeowners and small acreage farmers by assisting with their horticulture-related needs. This can be very broad ranging, from questions about identifying a tree in a landscape to assisting a new farmer with the best crops to plant on their property. Another major role I fill is teaching sessions for workshops and events regarding various horticultural topics reflecting the needs of these interest groups. Read More


Global Profiles

Tom Connelly

Jacob Law

Major: Political Science

Year of Graduation: 2009

I am currently working as the exams officer in Puebla, Mexico. I am in charge of everything related to Cambridge English Language Assessment at subcentre MX003. This means maintaining customer relations with schools and students, promoting Cambridge around 6 states in Mexico, organizing venues & exam dates, applying and finally handing in certificates. Aside from that, my job also includes providing consultancy services to other schools and organizations. These include teacher training, program development support, material development, placement and mock testing services. Finally, I work closely with my academic coordinator here in Puebla to offer testing services to our own student body and teachers, organizing workshops, training sessions for examiners and ceremonies for our students. I also give the occasional class still!

 Read More

Government Profiles

Matthew Scheider

Major: Sociology

Year of Graduation: 1994

I currently serve as the Assistant Director for Research and Development at the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services in Washington, DC (www.cops.usdoj.gov).  We provide funding, training, and technical assistance directly to local law enforcement agencies around the country.  As a member of senior management I am involved in planning the direction, goals and programs for the office.  The division that I am responsible for develops and distributes best practices for law enforcement agencies and other public safety professionals.  We conduct program evaluations, engage in applied research, manage pilot projects, participate in Federal inter-agency working groups and conduct reviews of specific law enforcement agencies and significant law enforcement events.  For example, we recently completed a review of the police actions in response to the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California and are currently engaged in an analysis of the Minneapolis Police Department's response to the protests following the shooting of Jamar Clark. Read More


Health & Medical Profiles

Mary Sweet

Major: Biology, Hispanic Studies

Graduation Year: 2013

I’m a bioinformatics scientist at a fertility clinic and work with both the research and clinical genetics teams. I combine biology, genetics, statistics, and computer science to better understand and interpret the human genome, specifically addressing fertility-related issues from both a research standpoint and a clinical one. I work on various projects analyzing all types of genetic and genomic data to better understand the causes of infertility and to help make treatments more effectiveRead More

Law Profiles

Jake Barnes

 Major(s): Political Science

Graduation Year: 2009

As an Assistant County Attorney I am in Court nearly daily, either on child support matters, criminal proceedings, truancy cases, or even representing the County in civil suits.  The Wabasha County Office is smaller with only three full time attorneys and two support staff, but this lends itself to creating a close and friendly environment. Read More


Non-Profit & Human Services Profiles

Molly Roske

Major(s): Environmental Studies        Minor(s): Spanish

Year of Graduation:  2008

Environmental issues were very important to me when I was applying to colleges, though I hadn't decided on a major when I started. By my sophomore year, the real attraction for me was the interdisciplinary nature of the Environmental Studies major. I could take classes in virtually all of my interests, across an eclectic set of disciplines and skills, and apply them to what I wanted to learn during my time at CSB/SJU. I have since spent several years as a Research Fellow employed in an academic science context, and felt that Gordy Brown's Ecology course and Jean Lavigne's GIS course have served me best. Now I run an organization that does research, education, extension work, and conservation negotiation, so I am literally using something learned in every ES course on a daily basis. Read More

Recreation & Sports Profiles

Ian Andersen

Major(s):  Social Science

Year of Graduation:  1999

I recently wrapped up a season as an Assistant Coach/Goaltending Coach for a Norwegian professional ice hockey team called Lørenskog Ishockeyklubb. We played in the GET Ligaen. My job was to help develop and implement team strategy, as well as individual skill development with our goaltenders and defensemen.

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