Reasons to apply for SEAM:

  • Realize the potential of your traditional liberal arts degree
  • Gain a better understanding of potential career options
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals 
  • Become familiar with virtual professional etiquette
  • Learn how skills learned in the classroom apply to a real-life environment
  • Make great connections and expand personal network

Four major goals for students involved in SEAM include:

  • A better understanding of themselves and their strengths, skills, and passions
  • Exploring a possible career of interest-based on self-assessment and exploration
  • Build a professional network and learn to develop effective goals 
  • Grasping the professional value afforded by a liberal arts degree

Curious about past mentors involved with SEAM?
Check out the profiles of past mentors. 

Interested in becoming a SEAM Mentee?

When you become a SEAM mentee, you’ll get the chance to open your eyes and expand your horizons. You’ll gain insights and experiences as you begin to learn about yourself and the diverse places your liberal arts education can take you, as well as the steps it will take to get there. 

Interested in participating in 2023-2024? Apply here