CSB/SJU’s SEAM program provides students with direct practical experience to complement their academic preparation in traditional liberal arts majors.

Through a three-part virtual experience, students will observe, explore, and reflect upon a particular career pathway as it relates to a liberal arts education. The experience includes a series of 2-3 informational internviews (with the mentor and their colleagues) and a virtual site visit (completed by a video). 

By sponsoring a student mentee, alums demonstrate a belief in and commitment to the value of a CSB/SJU, liberal arts education and to the growth and development of future Bennie and Johnnie alumnae/alumni. The volunteer description can be viewed in its entirety here.

Reasons to Become a Mentor:

  • Positive connection to CSB and SJU
  • Skill development in areas of mentorship, professional coaching, leadership
  • Showcase your own liberal arts journey, be a role model
  • Connect your organization to a great potential employee or intern
  • Make a difference in the life of a student

What Makes a Good Mentor?

  • Must be an alumna/i of the College of Saint Benedict or St. John’s University, currently active in a professional work setting
  • Preference given to those who have graduated with a degree in a traditional liberal arts major (e.g., Philosophy, English, History, Sociology etc.)
  • Have an interest in supporting CSB/SJU, its students and their professional development efforts
  • Excited to encourage and support the learning aspect of the student's job shadow/externship assignment

Time Commitment:

  • Before the Externship: 1-2 hours estimated in preparation to host the student (short training on guiding discussion with mentee and recruiting two peers for the mentee to conduct informational interviews with).
  • During the Externship: Three virtual discussions, two interviews with peer (arranged by mentor), and one virtual site visit (pre-recorded) over the term of CSB/SJU's spring semester. 
  • After the Externship: There will be a one-hour virtual celebration for mentors and mentees. After the final celebration, commitment varies. Ideally, the student and mentor will establish a relationship that continues throughout the student's time at CSB/SJU. Parameters for the relationship, including how often to communicate, should be agreed upon before the student returns to campus. Mentor will complete program evaluation in order to provide feedback about the experience.

Recommend an alum/mentor or become a SEAM mentor next year. Mentor applications will be available the month of October each year.