Past MPR Gary Eichten Interns

The Experience & Professional Development (XPD) Office is pleased to formally announce and congratulate the 2022 Minnesota Public Radio Gary Eichten Intern, Linton Ritchie Jr. 

MPR 2022 Intern, Linton Ritchie Jr.

Past MPR Gary Eichten Interns:

Laurel Poole '21

Major(s): English (creative writing), POLS, German

Will Matuska '21

Major(s): Environmental Studies

Faye Williams '20

Major(s): Communication 

Myah Christenson '20

Major(s): Communication, Concentration in Media Studies and Gender

Sophia Sura '19

Major(s): Communication/Hispanic Studies

John Nguyen '19

Major(s):Economics, Hispanic Studies

Kathryn Hockman '19

Major(s): Political Science (Comm Minor)

Gabe Kwan '18

Major(s):ENGL (French and Philosophy)

Hannah Kangas '17

Major(s):PHIL and PSYC/HISP

George Dornbach '17

Major(s):English/Story Telling

Ellen Bartyzal '16


Amanda Furru '16

Major(s):Asian Studies/Political Science

Michael Swearingen '15


Christina Ayodele '15


Mai Tong Yang '14

Major(s):Political Science

Jake Schultz '14

Major(s): English

Cindy Gonzalez '13

Major(s):Asian Studies/Political Science

Alex Forster '13


Heather Beckius '12


Will Moore '12